My love for nature and desire to create was the push behind Lone Tree Handcrafted. A passion and joy of working with my hands has allowed me to expirience transformation and creation on a whole new level. I am inspired by the character and beauty hidden among what many may see as imperfections and I use that to dictate the outcome of each item I craft.

Through Lone Tree, I am dedicated to creating quality, long lasting, sustainable products for the home and kitchen. These cutting boards, serving boards, spoons and spreading knives are designed and created for everyday use, but also serve as true pieces of art for the kitchen. Lone Tree prides itself on the fact that each product is different and unique. Throughout the process, great care and attention to detail is taken. Spending hours carving, shaping, and hand sanding, each piece has been worked diligently to create a one of kind piece. As they are used, I believe that character and beauty is gained. All handcrafted products are treated with an all-natural finish made with locally sourced beeswax.  
I enjoy being able to share my designs and kitchen table with family and friends. Outside of crafting, I love to be spending time with my wife and son. Through Lone Tree, I am excited to be able to share my products with the community and beyond.
Ian Klassen